With the integrated process of global economy, demand for international-style education in China is increasing. Opal Education, as a game changer in the Chinese international education industry, is an essential bridge between British institutions and Chinese investors. We are dedicated to help outstanding international schools, daycare centres and other education related establishments succeed in China, providing more international education options for both students and parents in China.​


K12 School Operation

In order to meet the development of international education market, Opal Education's School Operation Department was officially established. Our school operation service provides one-stop international school preparation solutions covering brand introduction, school construction and daily operation management for Chinese education investors.

Franchise Service

Opal Education has reached strategic cooperation with high-quality British education brands. We make development plan and find franchiser for them. In order to deliver the project successfully, we support the communications, business negotiations between franchisers and brands. Currently, Opal Education has 7 British early year partners and 9 school partners, which covers from 0 to 18 ages.

Early Year Franchise & Operation Management

Opal Education has started the early education service, aiming to meet the growing demand for quality daycare in China. We provide franchise and management services to 0-3-year-old daycare centres and trusteeship operation services to 0-6-year-old kindergarten investors who focus on education towards young children.

School Set Up Consultancy

With continuous prosperity of the international education market in China, there are a number of cross-border investors who lay out the education industry for the first time. Opal Education can provide relevant consulting services on school preparation for the clients in need. Fueled by our school operation practice, we would combine industry resources and practical experience to complete related consulting reports for clients.

M&A Service of Education Asset Overseas

A growing number of investors begin to focus on asset allocation overseas during the integrated process of global economy. Opal education has accumulated abundant educational resources in UK, providing a wide range of services for clients who are interested in the mergers and acquisitions of overseas daycare centres, early education groups or private schools.

Blundell's School
Founded in 1604, Blundell's is a boarding and day HMC School providing educational excellence for students aged 2 to 18.
• Academic Excellence
Blundell's strength lies in getting the very best out of a wide range of students and we are in the top 1.5% of schools nationally ranked by the academic value that the school add to students. There are numbers of students being national finalists in Mathematics, Chemistry and Young Scientist competitions. 20% of GCSE subjects scored 9 and 56% 7,8 or 9.
• Diversity
There are more than 40 associations in Blundell's. The Choir in Blundell's was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York and developed long-term cooperation relationship with London Orchestra. The boy's rugby team made it to the final round and won the national rugby championship in the same year. The girl's hockey team frequently wins the Championship and often enters the national finals. The boy's hockey team won the national championship representing Devon County in 2019.
• Professional Guidance for Further Education
One-to-one tutoring in Blundell's offers every student tailor-made assistance, helping them apply for university in UK, United States, Europe, and other countries. Application guidance focusing on Oxford, Cambridge, medicine, and veterinary medicine is provided as well. We have staff equipped with professional ability, and psychological tests to help students make destination choices.
Brooke House College
Set in the most perfect of English county towns, Brooke House is an independent college that specialises in preparing students to world famous universities like Oxford and Cambridge. It is also an innovative school owning the top Football Academy in UK.
• Lifelong Learning
Domestic atmosphere for learning and focus on character fostering
• Glorious Sports Career
A number of graduates are served in world-famous clubs
• International Foundation Programme
Access to university after one-year study in the programme
• Second-tier Cities Oriented
Focus on the second- and third-tier cities to build a vibrant international school
King's School Bruton
King's Bruton is a remarkable HMC school with 500 years of history. On 28 March 2019, the Queen was visiting the school to open a new music department named in her honour, the Queen Elizabeth Music School, on King's Bruton 500th anniversary.
• 500 Years of Glory
After its establishment, King's Bruton was personally managed by King Henry VIII. In 1550, King Edward VI presided over the setup of the world's first Board of Governors, making King's Bruton the founding school of the world's of Board of Governors.
• Home for Movers and Shakers
Five centuries of excellent education has cultivated countless elites, such as William Dampier, a well-known British navigator who landed on Australia.
• An Academic Powerhouse
98.1% of graduated got their first options in UCAS destination, and countless students entered the world's top 100 universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.
• Education Beyond Lessons
In King's Bruton, Boarding House was rated "Outstanding" by DfE and various sports, music and drama lessons are offered.
Llandovery College
Founded in 1847, Llandovery College is one of the oldest independent school set in Wales.
• High Reputation
The Association of Independent Schools in Wales has shown recognition by placing Llandovery College as a cover on its official website. Prince Charles has visited Llandovery College for three times, highlighting its significant status as an outstanding academic institution in Wales.
• Academic Excellence
Llandovery's University Programme helps numbers of students enter Russell Groups universities.
• Welsh Heart & Global Vision
With Welsh heritage of international values, Llandovery cultivates students with compassion, tolerance, kindness, integrity and generosity, and establishes sister schools and communication with schools in China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Dubai, etc.
• King of Rugby
Llandovery has one of the best Rugby Academy in UK, cultivated numerous national players and is a Welsh Rugby League accredited institution.
• Confucius Class
Llandovery has built a close relationship with China and opened the first Confucius Class in Wales, jointly witnessed by Prince Charles and Liu Xiaoming, Chinese ambassador to UK.
Lucton School
Lucton school was founded in 1708 with over 300 years of history, providing high-quality education to students aged 0 to 18. Currently Lucton has successfully opened overseas campus and kindergarten in Shanghai.
• Individualised Education
Domestic atmosphere, teaching in small classes and excellent Individualised fostering.
• Continuing the tradition
Rigorous teaching, rich extracurricular activities and practice enable students to develop comprehensively in academic, social, intellectual, physical and mental health.
• Remain True to Our Original Aspiration
Integration of Chinese culture and education ideas has been established in Lucton Shanghai and formed a mature cooperation model.
• Rounded Localisation Support
An outstand Chines team to ensure the continuity of Lucton's values.
St John's College Southsea
St John's College Southsea is an academically excellent school, cultivating numerous outstanding politicians, musicians and professional scholars. In 2020, St John's College has successfully opened the first overseas campus directly subordinate to a British school in Northeast China,
• Individualised Education
St John's College aims to encourage students to give their best in various projects, so as to stimulate their potential, and to cultivate confident and resilient people for the future.
• Professional Team
St John's College possess a professional academic team with most of the teachers are experts in the field of education in UK, including former AQA instructors, ISI inspectors, international school principals, etc.
• Elite Teaching for All Ages
Provide high-quality education for students aged 2 to 18 and different learning and life experience for students at different stage.
• Powerful Alumni Network
A brilliant alumni association consists of musicians, poets, professional scholars, novelists, actors, politicians, and athletes.
St Lawrence College
Founded in 1879, St Lawrence College is an HMC school with a centennial history. The school provides students with high-quality education and rich experience in various activities. It is an outstanding and vigorous boarding school.
• Excellent Academic Results
Provide 24 subjects, 77% of students achieving A*-B in A Level and more than 90% entered in Russell Group universities.
• Founding School of EKST
Established EKST education alliance together with King's School, Canterbury, promoting the exchange of sports, arts, debates, etc. among schools.
• Outstanding Holistic Education Facilities
900 acres of land, one 500-seat theatre, one science building invested with 6 million sterling pounds, one indoor heated swimming pool, two fully illuminated multi-purpose courts, 23 tennis courts, 5 rugby fields, 3 football fields and a large comprehensive sports facility that can serve nearly 700 students.
• Pond for Talents
People of all walks of life were enlightened here, including the British Viceroy to India, the Chief Representative of the British Gulf Region, the Chief of Staff of the British Armed Forces, etc.
Warminster School
Warminster School is an academic excellent school with 300 years history, offering IB and A-level programmes and was interviewed by iTV to promote its outstanding education concept.
• IB & A Level
Strong academic management capability, offering IB and A-Level programme in Sixth Form.
• Individualised Education
Make learning plans according to students' interests and personalities, ensure the academic success as well as develop students' global vision, open and inclusive mindset, courage, independence, and curiosity.
• Powerful Alumni Network
Cultivated numerous talents in more than 300 years, including educators, writers, actors, athletes, diplomats, etc.
• Distinguished Drama Education
Offer practical opportunities of more than 40 concerts and plays every year, performed at the Edinburgh's Art Festival and was rated Four-star by Theatre Guide London.
Westbourne School
Westbourne School offers excellent education for students aged 2 to 18, with IB results ranking 1st in UK for 5 consecutive years.
• Outstanding IB Results
Ranking 1st in UK for five years in a row, half of 2018 graduates scored 38 points or more (the minimum requirement for the entry of Oxford).
• Exceptional Teachers
Over 50% of the teachers have a PhD or Master's degree, over 50% have international teaching experience and the average teacher tenure equals to or more than 11 years.
• “Outstanding” Inspection
Achieved “outstanding” (the highest ranking) for all five sectors in the inspection by Estyn in Wales.
• Guidance for Further Education
Professional career guidance on further education and a wide range of opportunities for students to participate the Summer@INSEAD programme organised by INSEAD, whose Business and Management Major ranking top 3 in QS rankings.@INSEAD项目
Banana Moon
The 5th largest nursery chain in the UK, owning 52 settings across the UK.
• A Successful Group
The 5th largest nursery group in the UK
• Recognised Quality
Awarded “Top 20 Recommended Nursery Group in the UK” by
• Excellent Support
An experienced Quality Assurance team providing industry leading support for group members
• Cutting-Edge Technology
Well-designed centre management software integrating every aspect of nursery operation
Charlie Caterpillar's Nursery
Rated as Ofsted “Outstanding” for three times continuously, creating “Breaking the cocoon into a butterfly” environment for the children.
• 20 Years of Operation
Over cultivation of twenty years, officially rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted three times
• Cohort Tracking
Director of Studies is responsible for “Cohort Tracking”, real-time tracking each child's development
• Schemas
Observe children's repeated behaviours in play and give guidance accordingly
• Talent Support
Training and recruitment subsidiaries providing long-term support for partners
Fireflies Nursery
An Ofsted “Outstanding” boutique nursery located in a building with hundred years of history.
• Ofsted “Outstanding”
Officially rated Outstanding by Ofsted
• Authority Certification
Awarded 2017 New Talent Award of Preschool Education by Nursery World
• Integrated Teaching Method
Combining Reggio and EYFS, creating distinctive teaching environment in every aspect
• High-quality development
Committed to creating distinctive high-quality settings in China
Kangaroo Pouch Nurseries
The largest nursery chain in the West Midlands, now coming to China.
• Excellent Management
Direct management, ensuring the quality of every setting
• University Collaboration
Working with Wolverhampton University and Dudley College
• Development in China
Two settings opened in Nanjing in April 2019
• Full Range of Collaboration
Opportunity for a full range of collaboration including branding, teacher recruitment, training support, marketing support and quality control
Kento provides all-round and high-quality childcare services for the families of working couples in China. With implementation of quality EYFS and integration of excellent practices in China, we have created a child service model based on daycare and supplemented by early education. Kento establishes a comprehensive education platform for offline early years education and online parent interaction and tries its best to provide every family with high-quality, meticulous, all-round and trustworthy international early years education services.
• Leading Standards for Learning, Development and Care of Preschool Children
Implementation of quality EYFS and integration of excellent practices in China, ensuring healthy development of children
• Our Commitments
Create an enabling environment, pay attention to children's psychological safety, physical safety, and accident prevention, and devote to allowing children to learn in a comfortable and safe environment
• Four Characteristic Teaching Approaches
Focus-child Method, Key Person System, In-the-moment Planning, and Learning Journal, ensuring children's holistic development
Mother Nature Childcare
An Ofsted “Outstanding” nursery, focusing on childcare and fostering.
• Ofsted “Outstanding”
Officially rated Outstanding by Ofsted
• Forest Education
With forest school as distinctive teaching method and core content, environment of Mother Nature is well-designed for children to learn life skills and develop courage and confidence under the natural conditions
• Professional Team
Every practitioner is professional and acquires a wide breadth of knowledge
• Daycare Oriented
Focusing on the development of daycare market
Poppies Day Care
An Ofsted “Outstanding” daycare from Devon which has opened overseas settings in Chengdu and Xi'an.
• Ofsted “Outstanding”
Officially rated Outstanding by Ofsted
• Landed in China
Already landed in Chengdu and Xi'an with a mature collaboration model
• Mature System
More than 500 activity plans, supporting individual projects by considering the needs of Chinese market
• Focus-Child Method
Conducting focus-Child teaching method, paying close attention to the development of every unique child
United Kids Childcare
Famous Early Years Education provider in Birmingham with two settings in the UK.
• High-quality Childcare Centre
Provide EYFS early years education for more than 600 families
• Together We Build Strong Communities
Promote understanding and respect for diversity, develop multiculturalism and cultivate the children as global citizens of the future
• Child-centred Design
Safe, bright and modern learning environment, providing holistic care for children aged from 3 months
• ABC Approach
Adopt “ABC Approach” (Alistair Bryce-Clegg), providing opportunities for children to grow and develop at their own pace