Lucton School is an independent school in Herefordshire with over 300 years of history. It has been offering education to children between 6 months and 18 years of age since 1708. As our founding client, we partnered with Lucton School to deliver major kindergarten and school projects in China.

On behalf of Lucton School, we carried out an analysis on its brand as well as an initial market research for the international schools market in China. We saw the opportunity of establishing "Lucton" as a premium brand and planned to start from Shanghai.

We conducted thorough research on all opportunities available and chose kindergarten as a niche to begin the venture.


Once the above were established, we actively approached investors with the appropriate projects. In the meantime, we helped Lucton School protect its brand by registering all relevant trademarks, names and domains in China.

After choosing the right project for us, we turned to our legal partner for the essential due diligence, arranged site visits and started the negotiation. With Opal's help on bridging the culture gaps, the negotiation did not take long and a mutual agreement was reached with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

After the MoU is signed, Opal helped Lucton School to start the first stage of work, including building the website, establishing the curriculum and recruiting the required staff.


Within around 8 months of starting the project, both parties were able to agree all terms and signed the Collaboration Agreement. This led to the opening of the kindergarten within 12 months of the initial conversation.

It usually takes a school 24 - 36 months to build its overseas campus. With Opal's involvement, Lucton School was able to shorten the cycle to around 12 months, resulting in huge competitive advantage.

Lucton is now underway to open over 20 kindergartens and a number of schools in China in the coming years.

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