Marketing is not just about using the tools. It’s more about forming a practical strategy.

With our deep understanding of the Chinese education market, we are capable of providing useful advice on your marketing strategy.

Once the strategy is formulated, we will provide services in the following areas to help you land your strategy :

• Branding

• Website Construction

• Mobile Marketing

• Social Media and Content Marketing


The positioning of your brand is critical for the Chinese market. Your brand will determine how far you go. Since China is the world’s largest and fastest growing international education market, you cannot afford to get it wrong. Our creative and experienced team will be                    able to help you identify the best way forward.
Mobile Marketing
China has skipped the PC era and went right into the mobile era. Among all Internet users in China, mobile phone users form 81% of the total. We provide service to build mobile friendly website and WeChat public accounts. With over 700 million unique users, WeChat is the largest standalone messaging app by monthly                                                             active users in the world.
Social Media And Content Marketing
As a rule of thumb in social media management, content is king. When investing in social media in China, our clients face not only the language barrier, but also the difficulty in understanding China’s social media, and in a wider sense, the Chinese culture. We provide vital support in translation, creation of accurately positioned positive articles, and communication with followers to                                                              address their questions.
Website Construction
Any entry into the Chinese market needs to begin with having a Chinese language website. We will optimise your website to fit the user habits of your target audience.
Our experienced team will support you on search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. We will complete a competitor analysis to design your SEO strategy, which will also include suggestions on keywords and distributions. We will also provide host solutions to make your website more responsive for Chinese users.
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