Anita Sahota, the founder and CEO of Kangaroo Pouch interviewed by BBC
Aug 03, 2018

Kangaroo Pouch wasfounded in July 2011, and has developed into the largest nursery chain in theWest Midland region which includes Birmingham. At present, there are 9nurseries in operation. Kangaroo Pouch is committed to becoming aninternational brand and the first overseas project will be landing in China in2019. The overseas expansion of Kangaroo Pouch has also attracted the attentionfrom the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), which interviewed Ms. AnitaSahota, the founder and CEO of Kangaroo Pouch Limited. In the interview, Ms.Sahota explained why she chose China to deliver its first overseas project andbriefly clarified the next developments of Kangaroo Pouch in China. Ms. Sahotaalso pointed out that China has a huge market for Nursery Groups from the UK.However, in the process of development, the British Nursery Groups need tocarefully consider the following two issues. Firstly, how to find a suitablepartner to collaborate with. Secondly, how to develop a blended localisedcurriculum based on the EYFS. For the original interview, please click on thefollowing button.