Kangaroo Pouch is set to open 15 centres in Jiangsu in the next three years
Aug 15, 2018

On 9 August 2018, Jiangsu Junyi Education Technology Co. Ltd. and Kangaroo Pouch Nursery Group formally signed a Collaboration Agreement in Nanjing, with the plan to open 15 Kangaroo Pouch Day Care Centres andKindergartens in Jiangsu Province during the next three years. Kangaroo Pouch was founded in July 2011 and it has developed into the largest nursery group in West Midlands in less than seven years. There are currently 9 nurseries in operation.

Ms. Anita Sahota, the founder and executive director of Kangaroo Pouch, Ms. Xiaoqi Zhou, the co-founder of Jiangsu Junyi Group, and Ms. Bing Li, the supervisor of Nanjing Gulou District Government Education Supervision Office attended the signing ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, they discussed the future development of Kangaroo Pouch in Jiangsu, and reached consensus. In February 2019, two Kangaroo Pouch Day Care Centres will open in Nanjing. Ms. Xiaoqi Zhou said, “Children are the future, and we believe that by introducing excellent British education methodology, recruiting professional teachers, and building a blended curriculum that combines EYFS with Chinese Early Years education concepts, we can bring truly supreme quality of education to children in Jiangsu.”