It is not uncommon for a school or a nursery to face cash flow challenges and you might consider inward investment as an option. We can advise you on the right timing, find you the optimum partner taking into account all cultural and business considerations as well as recommend the best path to maximise the value of the deal. Sometimes, there are many ways of bringing in cash to your school that do not require the school to give up any of its ownership or its charitable status.​

Opal has access to a pool of interested investors who are willing to consider a wide range of options and are genially willing to help.

Attracting the appropriate investment for a school requires robust planning, a watertight process, and exceptional execution. We work closely with our partners every step of the way to deliver the highest quality advice and execution with discretion, integrity and insight to achieve the optimal outcome.

Should you be interested in attracting inward investment, we are here to help.

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