Demand for international-style education in China is increasing, at a pace that is unmatched by any other country in the world. More Chinese families are now also seeking an overseas-style education for their children, complete with the different teaching styles, curriculum and multidimensional environment that it brings.

Opal Education takes a practical approach to help our UK partner schools to maximise their full potential in China by building strong, trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships with carefully chosen Chinese partners.
We Will Guide You Through The Following In The China Expansion Of Your Brand:
Finding a
suitable partner
Developing a
business model
Conducting the
market research
Drafting the MOU
and Licensing Agreement
Walking through
due diligence
Monitoring the
your brand

Expanding schools into foreign markets presents real and unique challenges. Expert industry knowledge and a full understanding of the ethical, educational and commercial challenges are essential, as well as a full understanding of the regulatory environment in China. Our insights are invaluable in absolutely every stage of the process of setting up international schools in China. Most importantly, we are someone who you can trust because we will take this journey together with you, as one unit.

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