Poppies delivered first training in Nanjing and is set to open 4 Day Care Centres by Spring 2019
Aug 12, 2018
During August 2018, Poppies Day Care, an Ofsted outstanding nursery in Tiverton, has come to Nanjing and delivered two weeks training for Nanjing Cheng Zhang Jia.

Nanjing Cheng Zhang Jia is an excellent early childhood education training institution, currently it is exploring the early years education market and establishing a new brand called Our Glory. Cheng Zhang Jia has announced its plan to open 4 day care centres in Nanjing by the end of this year.

Ms. Donna May, the founder and Executive Head of Poppies Day Care, and Ms. Jacqueline Perkins, the Lead Practitioner of Poppies Day Care delivered the training covering the following areas of EYFS, the characteristics of effective learning, the development matters of 7 areas, learning through play etc. This training not only helps the teaching staff of Nanjing Cheng Zhang Jia to improve their professional ability, but also has a positive and profound impact on children in the further teaching activities.

Poppies Day Care is collaborating with Nanjing Cheng Zhang Jia to open 4 Day Care Centres in Nanjing by Spring 2019 under the new brand “Our Glory”.