Isca launches its high-end recruitment service for preschool education
Jul 10, 2018
Isca is a subsidiary of Opal Education offering services including staff recruitment, Anglo-Sino University collaboration in Early Years training programmes, provision of books and other Early Years learning materials for Chinese settings, taking Forest School activities to China, and advising on acquisition/partnership arrangements of UK education premises by Chinese investors. Recently, Isca launched its high-end recruitment service for preschool international education. Project Director of Isca, Dr. Hao Dong, and Senior Education Consultant, Mr. Paddy Armstrong, lead recruitment and education exhibitions to help the preschool education centres recruit foreign teachers with EYFS qualifications. In addition, Isca has made a strategic partnership with Nursery World, the largest education magazine in the UK, to widen the pool of talented staff for international preschool settings in China.