Opal Consulting (trading as “Opal Education”) is a company that specialises in helping British schools, nurseries and other education related establishments succeed in China. Our work covers schools relating to all ages before university, EdTech, teacher training, teaching materials supply and all other educational services. Our core team is based in Shanghai and our network extends to some of the most well-known investors in the industry.​

Every member of our team have been educated in both China and the UK. They all understand the British mindset as well as the Chinese working culture. With our expertise, we typically reduce project timeline by over 100% compared to industry average.

We also add significant value to our educational clients by helping them find the most suitable investment and operating partners in China. China remains the riskiest and the most rewarding market in the world for international education. British schools, with limited knowledge about China, can easily make suboptimal choices when it comes to choosing the right partner. Our team helps to reduce this information gap by handpicking suitable partners from our database.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds which enables us to help our clients to formulate the most appropriate strategy for their China developments. We deeply invest in networking and research in the Chinese education market and we form longstanding relationships with our clients due to our ability to provide a rounded service in China.

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