The five key principles that underpin
our approach are the following:

Brand First

We focus on realising the potential of your brand. We analyse your brand and help you to find your best positioning in China. We then work together with you to create an international brand strategy that maximise the potential of your school. Brand development is at the centre of any programme we run. Simple. Nothing more.

One To Many

We do not represent one single partner. We connect your school to a list of partners carefully chosen to suit your specific needs and strategy. We will help you manage and cultivate these relationships and deliver projects in China together with you so that you can focus on the successful running of your home school.

Invaluable Insights

We know China. We also know Britain. We know students. We also know parents. Education is one of the five key industries for Sino-UK trade. Our people have come from China and have lived in the UK for many years. With deep knowledge in both markets, we are able to bridge any cultural gap and advise on a strategy that works for you.

Quality Over Quantity

While some schools take the approach to build relationships with a long list of investors, we help to focus your resources on establishing a smaller number of quality relationships. According to our experience, this will help you to get more and better quality projects.

Flexible And Tailored

Every school is unique. We understand and respect this. We provide practical solutions that fit in with your overall strategy. By listening to your needs and applying the relevant insights, we deliver.

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